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Shield Tanking vs. Armor Tanking ... To keep your ship alive in EVE, you must have a tank. You can do this two different ways. ... Well, armor tankers concentrate on low power slots. Here is a ...

Aug 19, 2010 · Mid slot armor tanking module isn't needed at all. Armor tanking sacrifices Damage Mods for tank. Shield sacrifices Tank for Tackle. Both have an interesting mix of Passive/Active modules for reps and hardeners. Both are balanced by this shield = mid, armor = low setup along with CPU and PG requirements vs ships output. Armor Tanking 101 - UniWiki - Eve University Many Minmatar ships can also be armor tanked, as they typically have a more balanced distribution of low, mid and high slots. Very few Caldari ships armor tank, with the exception of the Scorpion and Blackbird. These are sometimes (and in the Scorpion's case, usually) armor-tanked so that they can keep as many midslots as possible free for ECM. High slot-mid slots-low slots? - EVE New Citizens Q&A - EVE … May 22, 2014 · In simplest terms, the Magnate (an Amarr frigate) is a good frigate with 4x low slots because the Amarrians typically armor tank (which uses low slots). With four low slots, you have room for a DCU*, Armor Repper, and two resist modules (e.g. EANM*, specific hardeners, etc), or maybe a Heat Sink, or armor plating, etc. EVE Evolved: The art of tanking - Armour tanking - Engadget

That and slot layout are good signs. There are exceptions you will have to learn. For example, in faction warfare, people will often armor tank hookbills because they can then fit ewar in the extra mid slots. But in general, raw hp, slot layout, and ship traits (if it gets a tank bonus) are the best signs.

+tank in low slots +dps mods in low slots +tackle in mid slots Notice any patterns? anyone using a shield tank almost never has enough mid slots to afford any tackle, whereas any of the armor tanking battleships can easilly fit a cap booster and as much tackle as they want, and still have a decent tank and decent dps... EVE Online: Shield Tanking vs. Armor Tanking - MMORPG.com EVE Online: Shield Tanking vs. Armor Tanking. Stradden Managing Editor Member Common Posts: 6,696. ... The big decider is number of slots available for the tank. Shield modules use mid slots and armour modules use low slots. Ships with more mid slots than low slots are much better at shield tanking while those with more lows than mids tend to ...

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There are four types of 'slots' that ships can posses, rig, high, mid, and low slots. Each item in the game goes into a specific slot on the ship. For example, weaponry usually goes in the high slots and speed/propulsion modules usually go in the mid slots. EVE Evolved: The art of tanking - Armour tanking - Engadget

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With only 4x mid slots to work with, the Mega has just enough slots it needs to be an effective sniper BS. So, fitting 2x Sensor Booster II's with a targeting script inWith the abundance of Low slots, it is easy to heavily Armor Tank the Megathron. With 2-3x 1600mm Plates fitted, you are still left with 4-5x... Обновление капитальных кораблей: скилы, модули, рефит ::… EVE-RU — официальный и крупнейший русскоязычный фансайт MMORPG EVE-ONLINE, где можно найти множество статей по игре, последние новости, советы бывалых игроков, различные медиа материалы, а так же получить бесплатный триал аккаунт. Имеется гиперактивный форум. EVE online pvp - HEAVY ARMOR TANK Ведьмак 3 armor heavy online Eve Online (Video Game).EVE Online PvP : Samurai Revenge 9. Guide To Titans In Eve Online - What Does $4000 Worth Of Internet Spaceship Look Like?

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PVP Fit Rifter - EVE Online ISK Guide The Rifter is one of the most versatile ships in EVE Online. It balances tank and damage to be a strong multipurpose fighter. Its bonuses give it a wide array of applications and make it a very forgiving ship to fly. The simple tactics required to fly a PVP fit Rifter make it an ideal starter PVP ship. What is the Rifter? EVE Evolved: The art of tanking - Shield tanking EVE Evolved: The art of tanking - Shield tanking ... I introduced the concept of tanking as it applies to EVE and explained how to select which type of tank to use with your ship. I then went on ... Eve-Guides.com CCP hf. has granted permission to eve-guides.com to use EVE Online and all associated logos and designs for promotional and information purposes on its website but does not endorse, and is not in any way affiliated with, eve-guides.com. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any ... Tank | EVE Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia